So in the blue are my contributions / edits to the Prof Comm Charter.

I’ve largely focused on learning from your peers and working with them. I don’t think we should just be accepting of diversity but we should move past it and embrace and learn from it. There are a variety of ways to do any one task and seeing an alternative can help you better understand your own methods.

Championing independent thought is good but it certainly shouldn’t come at the expense of your ability to work with others. The best works are ones where people with strong ideas come together to create something great.

Finally doing a course that is a bit of a mash-up most of us have different strong points. Teachers are great resources but sometimes it’s easier to learn from the skills of your peers. Anyone working in solitude is missing out on a wealth of skills at their fingertips.

As for the process of using Google docs to collaborate it’s great. It’s the way I run my comedy night with my friends. It allows us to easily up date and access the line ups we have booked. Having a communal resource online for everyone to be able to view and alter easily.