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If you are yet to have heard legendary hip-hop singer, horrendous attempted actor and once owner of his own porn company Snoop Dogg has changed his name from the aforementioned Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion.

So that happened. The name change co-incides with a musical re-allignment, ditching his gangster rap roots for reggae, if you are wondering what that would sound like you can go here. Again I say, so that happened.

It does raise a couple of questions. Firstly why did Snoops new evolution skip out of the canine family altogether? Surely Snoop Dingo, or Snoop Wolf would be more appropriate? That Snoop Dingo stole my baby perhaps? Also if one is to change animal family’s altogether why did he not have to start at the bottom again and work his way up? Snoop Pussycat, which would give new meaning to his use of that word in a lot of his songs and just think of the room for double entendre. It would however make his collaborations on that song buttons a bit weird, Snoop Pussycat and the pussycat dolls.

My next question is this, Snoop Dogg has made a career of being the big snoop dizzle, adding the suffix izzle to the word dog became a trademark, you fizzle? Now on the rizzle my nizzle if Snoop is a Lizzle instead of Dizzle it doesn’t quiet wizzle ya fizzle?

For those of you not sufficient in the language my point is this, Snoop Lizzle just does not work. Lizzle could be Lion, but it could equally be Lizard.

The best question to ask though, is seriously Snoop WHAT THE F? I mean we’ve all heard of artists performing under different monikers. Each of these artists have their own motivations, some a producing work outside of their usual body of work. Some are interested in the challenge of appealing to a fan base who aren’t so sycophantic. Regardless of why, you’d assume one of the points of changing your name would be to get some kind of anonymity  or mystique, so you wouldn’t I don’t know, take the most recognisable part of your name and add lion to the end.

Perhaps I’m being to tough on the Dizzle, or is it Lizzle (my word this is confusing), maybe the name change is a huge spiritual re-allignment. Perhaps he will produce content so diverse and challenging that we forget he once sang the lyrics “he who trusts a hoe will always be broke”. Unfortunately I think that’s very doubtful, instead I think it’s more likely that when our good friend Snoop finally comes down from the Ganja in the Bahamas the name change will be like a bad tattoo… full of regret and hard to remove.