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So this is my first appearance on live T.V. as part of the RMITV talk show “Live On Bowen.” The show is in it’s first season and runs on Friday nights at 8:30 pm on channel 31.

As a rule I’m against zoom being used at all in filming, but the zoom out from the host to the comedian is a common convention in talk shows and it’s used to good effect here.

I think may hair posed an interesting problem for framing for the camera operator as to how to frame the photo, as a result the top of my head (hair) pops through the top of the frame, which is generally considered poor framing. But considering the zoom out to begin the shot, and the fact that it goes live to air it would be difficult to frame.

Personally my eye contact was poor. There was the tendency to make eye contact with the live audience out of habit, unfortunately this means I am not ‘looking down the barrel’ of the camera and therefore don’t look like I am directly addressing the audience.

It was really interesting trying to factor in the very brief and strict time constraint (I was given exactly three minutes), with the audiences responses.

It was a really fun experience, although I wish I didn’t look so uncomfortable whilst hanging out after my spot.

I also wish someone had told me that I need to remove the make up before going to be, because I woke up the next morning feeling like a lizard.